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😎 #AORUS678
AORUS with Computer Upgrade King.
41% Faster? What?!

New challenger approaching! Try the AORUS Z370+Optane!

#CoreiPlusReady #AORUS #Optane

Learn more: Z370+Optane where to buy:
What’s Beryllium? Why it’s so special and what kinds of benefit you could have with it?
Check out the secret of AORUS H5 Gaming Headset:

Learn more on Tech Friday
#AORUS #GamingHeadset #AORUSH5 #TechFriday #GIGABYTE
"...the Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming Box. Without a doubt it’s the most convenient and portable eGPU for Mac users as of spring 2018."
Build credits to Pause Hardware !502
Wanna accelerate your secondary drive? Try the AORUS Z370+Optane!

#CoreiPlusReady #AORUS #Optane

Learn more:
Z370+Optane where to buy:
Here's an awesome build from Survivor Boldoo featuring the Z370 AORUS Gaming 7!8014
"Gigabyte has delivered a fine motherboard in the X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi... The hardware is very good, both in terms of the quality as well as the features. "


Check out the full review:
Spread your wings | #AORUS | www.aorus.com500
AORUS shared PUBG Best's post.
The Division's Global Event #6: Onslaught runs for one week!
The three Onslaught-specific facemasks, Ember, Smiler, and Oni, which do you like best?

🔻Start: May 21, 08:00 AM UTC
🔺End: May 28, 08:00 AM UTC

Fun games, amazing PCs, and great food! This past weekend, we had a blast at the OC Night Market. Come check out the views inside the #AORUS booth!
AORUS added 35 new photos — at OC Night Market.
" The Aorus Gaming Box is one of the smallest and most powerful eGPU docking stations currently available. "
Enjoy the new #X470 setup! | #AORUS | Credits to /u/Shadow-King7511
Marked by notable mobility and performance, the new AORUS X5V8 is your best gaming choice to kill time everywhere!! Learn more

#AORUS #X5V8 #8thGenCPU #i7_8850H
AORUS is at OC Night Market.
Great games, PCs, and food! Come take a look inside the #AORUS booth during OC Night Market!
AORUS is at OC Night Market.
Why Games still have long loading times? 😰
Optane gives you better performance. Let's see the comparison.🚀

#AORUS #CoreiPlusReady #Optane #Z370
We have a ton of action going on at #AORUS booth! Come check it out 🤗
AORUS is at OC Night Market.
We’re out here at the OC Night Market with some great PCs! Which one is your favorite?
AORUS added 4 new photos — at OC Night Market.
The almighty Task Manager. 😂

How many times has the task manager saved you?

Hear the difference!

Let’s take a look at these various audio technologies and how they contribute to producing crisp, crystal-clear audio quality!

Learn more on Tech Friday
#AORUS #Audio #TechFriday #GIGABYTE
Tilted by enemy flankers?! Not with AORUS Audio! ...
Oh No! Metro Exodus rescheduled it's launch date, am I the only one looking forward to it?

Why are you so fast?!


Learn more:
Z370+Optane where to buy:
"...this is the best portable eGPU unit for macOS users."

Check it out:
Optane comes included with our latest boards! | #AORUS | Learn more:

#CoreiPlusReady #Optane
In today's video, we're going to show you how can accelerate your PC with Intel Optane memory, which comes included on the new #AORUS Z370 motherboards!

Learn more here:

#CoreiPlusReady #Optane
The ultimate triumph is for Thunderbolt 3 Mac users. We finally have an all-in-one, plug-and-play solution.

Check out more at:
Power overwhelming | #AORUS | Statues coming soon!286
The Ultimate AORUS x Thermaltake Technology Inc PC Cafe in Korea!

Check out this awesome cybercafe in Korea with watercooled Core P3 systems!

If you also want to have one in your country or area, let us know in ...
#AORUS #X9DT is the most powerful mobile platform ever!

Featured by mobile 8th Gen Intel Core i9 processor, X9DT is focusing on no-compromise gaming and content creation whenever you want. Learn more

Optane accelerated! The latest #AORUS Z370 motherboards come with 32GB of Intel Optane memory. Learn more:

#CoreiPlusReady #Optane
Dare to defy, my friends. #AORUS4114
Next-Gen Performance | #AORUS | Learn more:
📣Are you quick enough to capture the complete puzzle? - Winner Announcement!!
The winner is @Tommy MacLean ! Congratulations! 🎉

@Tommy MacLean, Please message to us to redeem the great prize

Experience Core i+ ready
#AORUS #CoreIplusready
The new #AORUS X5 V8 has enough horsepower to tackle streaming with ease! In this video, Van discusses how to set up a basic stream on the new gaming laptop. Learn more:
The Ultimate Combination | #AORUS | Learn more:
#CoreiPlusReady #Optane
"Excellent quality power delivery, reinforced slots and ports, and upgraded audio circuitry are only a few things that make the GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 a stunning Z370 motherboard."

- TweakTown

" The [AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box] promises to turbocharge any Thunderbolt 3 PC to be a gaming monster. Our tests reveal that Aorus is true to its word... "

More at:
Z370 #AORUS Gaming 7 + 32GB of Optane = :)
#CoreiPlusReady #Optane
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will be released in August!
Which expansion did you have the most fun in?
Aorus Marvelous May Community EVENT! Join in on the event and enter the giveaway by going to and typing !attendance fill out that form and you are entered to win in the event giveaways!
Join Aorus Review’s discord for ...
Aorus Marvelous May Community EVENT! Join in on the event and enter the giveaway by going to and typing !attendance fill out that form and you are entered to win in the event giveaways!
Join Aorus Review’s discord for ...
We're including 32GB of Intel Optane Memory with with our new board! | #AORUS | Learn more:

#CoreiPlusReady #Optane
Shots fired

Which browser are you currently using?
There’s still time to join AORUS and the Aorus Review for tomorrow’s Community Gaming Event at 2pm PST! This is a pre-attendance list to gather information on how many would like to attend. The more that attend the event, the ...155
" The RX580 Gaming Box provides Mac users a good balance of performance, portability and convenience. "

Check out the full review:
What's the advantage of a 144Hz display? Watch to see how the new AORUS X5 V8 gives you competitive advantage over traditional gaming laptops! Learn more:

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